Maxord Precision Rifle Systems is the retail division of Precision Ballistics

Established in 2021, Precision Ballistics has been engaged in structured research and development of advanced reloading and rifle accuracy techniques.

Our focus has been on reliably obtaining maximum accuracy across a broad range of rifle systems in the minimum possible development time.

Throughout these activities we’ve used a wide variety of reloading equipment and tools, building intricate knowledge about what does and does not work in practice.

Maxord PRS has been established to make the best of the best precision rifle equipment available to Australian shooters.

Our strategy is to work with a limited number of premium brands where we can maintain ongoing availability of stock at reasonable prices.

We’re shooters first and foremost and we love to chat – feel free to reach out to discuss precision rifle reloading or equipment and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Happy shooting!